Inform the public regarding the need for and development of a timely, efficient and full time emergency medical service (EMS) system.

Maintain relationships and engage local political, business and other community leaders in discussion on the current and future community needs for adequate EMS.

Interesting Statistics


Square Miles in
Delaware County, NY


Volunteer Fire Departments in Delaware COunty, NY


Paid Ambulance Services
In Delaware County, NY


Volunteer Ambulance Services
In Delaware County, NY


Average Response time to get an ambulance in Stamford joint Fire District


Hours of Classroom Time
Required to Become a Paramedic


Average number of calls in a year for Stamford Joint Fire District


Paramedics in
Stamford Joint Fire District

Did You Know?

  • Emergency Medical Services are not an essential service in New York State.

  • There are 3 levels of EMS (Emergency Medical Services): Response, Transport & Treatment

  • Patients are waiting 1-3 HOURS for an ambulance after attempting 8-15 agencies in four counties

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